Proposal arrangements for int'l Ph.D candidates (class 2019)

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January 17, 2020

 The proposal arrangements for int'l Ph.D candidates (class 2019) are as follows:


I.                   Students concerned: int'l Ph.D candidates of class 2019 who expect to graduate in 3 years(June 2022). For the relevant requirements, please consult “Provisions for graduate degree granting of UESTC”.


II.                Arrangements

The students should present briefly his/her proposal report (in the form of PPT) to the evaluation group (time limit: 10-15 minutes).

The evaluation should be held before July 10, 2020


III.             Registration process

1.      Online registration: please log in web site:

 to apply for the proposal. Guide file will be posted in QQ group, and the softcopy of proposal report could be uploaded without singatures.

2.      Consent of supervisor: the supervisors are required to log in GMIS system to grant the consent, and to organize the proposal report meeting.

3.      Consent of the school: after the proposal report meeting, the students should submit the hardcopy of "Ph.D proposal report"(in written form, with signatures of supervisor and three experts of the evaluation group) to Graduate Management office (Room 222, Main building, Shahe campus) by July 10 2020.

4.      Notes: Your online application date will be considered as the basis for application of the mi-term evaluation, which is scheduled 1 year after the proposal. And your defense application is thus scheduled 1 year after the mi-term evaluation. Please pay great attention to these intervals.


IV.             Other notes:

1. "Ph.D proposal report" and literature review shall be printed according to requests and signed by supervisor.

2. For specific cultivation requirements, please refer to the doctoral cultivation program of your year.

3. Ph.D candidates from other classes who haven't submitted proposal report should follow this notice as well and finish this step ASAP. ATTENTION: the maximum duration for Ph.D candidates is 6 years.



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